It is advised that all users of Keplar-VR goggles, carefully read the following instructions, prior to using any of the products in the range.

Age Restrictions:
This product is not designed for children under the age of 14. It is the responsibility of adults to monitor the use of the Keplar-VR goggles by children aged 14 and over.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions:
People who have previous medical conditions such as headaches, ear aches, or psychiatric disorders, should see a doctor before using any of the Keplar-VR range. Some people may experience seizures triggered by flashing lights or patterns while experiencing virtual reality, even if they have never had a seizure before, or have no history of epilepsy or seizures. Anyone who knows or believes they may have previously experienced a seizure or other symptom linked to an epileptic condition should see a doctor prior to using any of the Keplar-VR range.

Motion Sickness:
People who are prone to motion sickness have a risk of experiencing discomfort when using the the Keplar-VR range. Do not use the the Keplar-VR range when you are sleep deprived, are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or have digestive problems.

Take Regular Breaks:
All users should take a break after each 30 minutes of use. Do not continue to use the Keplar-VR range if you experience any discomfort.

If You Experience Any Discomfort:
Immediately discontinue use! If you experience seizures, loss of awareness, eye strain or twitching, altered vision or visual abnormalities, dizziness, disorientation, impaired balance or any symptoms similar to motion sickness, please discontinue use! Symptoms may persist even after removing Keplar-VR goggles, in which case, users should never drive, operate heavy machinery or engage in any activities that require hand eye coordination. If symptoms persist consult a doctor immediately.

Virtual Reality is a very immersive experience, so it is important that you use the Keplar-VR goggles in a safe environment and be fully aware of your surroundings. Never use Keplar-VR goggles near windows, balconies , or stairways. Do not use while walking, cycling, driving or other physical activities that require your full attention.

Listening to sound at high volumes for an extended amount of time can permanently damage your hearing. We would advise you to use our Keplar-VR goggles with lower volume so you can remain aware of your surroundings.