iCandy provides a refreshing approach to entertainment and personal electronics. With an innovative and inspiring range of audio and lifestyle products carefully selected for quality and value.

The exciting range of products covers Earphones, Headphones and Speakers, alongside a more diverse range of products including the Keplar-VR (Virtual Reality) series goggles.

The Keplar-VR series by iCandy range of headsets provides options available to suit all compatible smartphones, enabling you to enter a world of entertainment and achieve total immersion, in your chosen game, film or app.

Created to bring VR to everyone all of our headsets have been designed to give an incredible experience using any of the wide range of apps now available.

Each headset in the Keplar range has been selected following extensive in-house testing with step up products offering different features.

Our first VR headsets launched under the iCandy brand in 2014 and since then both awareness and market share have grown continuously. With 2016 set to become the year of Virtual Reality, we believe that Keplar gives everyone the chance to experience the future now.

Perfectly suited for watching interactive VR 360° videos, playing immersive VR games as well as being used as a personal media player to view 3D videos and standard videos in a simulated cinema screen.

All of our VR goggles are designed around comfort. With quality padding and fully adjustable lenses to ensure that everyone from children to adults can experience VR and 3D comfortably. With plenty of space to fit around glasses if required.